About Us


Rohi Ranch sits nestled in the towering Ponderosa Pines of Elbert county in central Colorado. When our family moved to this diverse 8+ acre property in 2013, we considered several names for our new residence. Rohi Ranch became the name of choice because we clearly experienced our God demonstrating His kindness as our Good Shepherd (Yahweh Rohi -- Psalm 23) during an extremely transitional time in our lives.

We began hosting friends and family in this beautiful rural setting, providing them with a place of refreshment and calm, away from the busyness of life. Soon we welcomed our ADGA registered Alpine dairy goats to the ranch. As the goats began producing milk on site, we looked for creative ways to use it and found that making natural, artistic soap satisfied our search. We make each unique batch of soap by hand in our own kitchen from the combining of ingredients to the cutting, curing and packaging of every bar.   ​

The soap ingredients are all natural.  Olive oil, coconut oil and Shea/Coconut butter compose the primary contents of the soap in addition to goat milk and sodium hydroxide (lye). The bars also contain essential oil or fragrance oil and other natural oils.

Due to the small business nature of Rohi Ranch, all orders are custom prepared because our customers can contact us directly & personally. Thank you for visiting; we look forward to serving you.

Charcoal with Cedarwood _Peppermint Euca